OOTD: 6. 9. 2016

SOOOO on my many friends’ request (juust kidding, I only have like three friends and two people who don’t hate me… hey mom…) I decided to go into fashion because I like to think that I can do everything so here is this.

I bought these new pants that I wasn’t too sure about buying but they make my ass look kind of good which is really all I look for in pants and they are not your typical kind of pants and I was afraid of wearing them to school but then I got to the point where I realised that my opinion is the one that matters and actually ended up getting so many compliments that my day was kind of awesome.

So here it is:


The top I don’t really know where I got from but as you can see it’s basically just a simple black top with straps because the pants are really a creamy white so I couldn’t find a white top that matched and I couldn’t wear a crop top because a) my school and b) it was really cold and I was really freezing on this photo but hey, do it for the blog, right?

The shoes are from Deichman and I paid like 10 euros for them and they are LIFE! Literally so comfortable I could walk in them the whole day.

And nooooow for the pants! I got them for 7 euros on a sale in H&M. When I first saw them I wasn’t too sure about buying them but they were cheap so I went and tried them on and loved them. They fit me perfectly and are just what I needed in my life. The blue and green-ish flower print is sooo pretty and even more colourful in real life. As I said before, the pants are kind of a creamy white, and I know they look like a clean white on the picture but trust me when I tell you they are not.


To top it off I wore a gold kind of choker necklace I bought in Zara and I’m completely obsessed with.


For the make up I did all the basics for the skin which you can find in my other make up looks because I always do the same but I switched it up with a bold eyeliner and a little more mascara.

Here are some more pictures from today (and yes, of course, I did a whole photo-shooting session):







CR: Eva Jocif (the amazing)

I hope you liked this post. If you have any recommendations or requests on what products to try in the future, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

Have a lovely day,

yours truly.







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