Spring Skin Care Routine

I think we all know the struggle of wanting to do a light spring make-up look and that one red spot on your nose just won’t go away and you know it’s going to get bigger throughout the day and you absolutely have to cover it, and somehow the light spring make-up look turns into a full-coverage-winged-eyeliner-highlighter-brighter-than-my-future look.

And since I don’t know anything about that situation and that never happens to me (if you don’t know what sarcasm is you’re gonna think I’m stupid right about now), let me tell you all about how to prevent that. To say the least, I am obsessed with all of these products and I don’t really know how I lived without it before.

And just to make sure, I am not paid by any of these brands. I would never put something on my blog that I wouldn’t generally enjoy.

Let’s start with my every day Neem COSMETICS ACNeem Pimple & Acne Care Cream. This works wonders, my loves. This is my baby. I use this twice a day, before I apply my make-up and before I go to bed at night. I know it says in the instructions not to use make-up while using this cream, but I find it works just fine like that, too. I tend to get kind of a dry feeling after applying this, but it does go away in just a minute.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone struggling with acne and pimples (and maybe do what the instructions tell you to do if you can’t get it to work the way I use it). And also a big, BIG plus: it’s not tested on animals.


The next product is also a cream by one of my absolutely favourite brands out there, Hemptouch. It’s a brand based in Slovenia, and as you can probably tell by the name of the brand, the products are made of hemp (you know, HEMPtouch?). What is great about this product is that it has the vanilla cannabinoids, Calendula and Vitamin E. I can literally not explain to you how many times this CBD cream for problematic skin has saved my day. I used to apply it every night before going to bed because it is kind of oily and I would not recommend wearing in during the day, but it really fixes anything, from pimples to scars to dermatitis signs. I also apply this when I get a blister or when my hands are chapped from the wind. The taste isn’t, you know, exactly heavenly, but it takes care of chapped lips, too.

This product is not exactly on the cheap side of skin care products, but it is vegan and hemp-based, and it lasts you for a very, very long time.

Moving on, we’re still going to talk about Hemptouch for some while. The next two products are my go-to-get-the-day-started or relax-after-a-long-day. The first one, the Hemp Cream for Oily and Impure skin I sometimes use as a primer when I do a full-face make-up look or when I’m at home and have just taken down my green mask, which I will mention later in the article. The product consists of 4% of the active cannabinoid CBD, the Chlorella algae and tropical verbena. It seems weird at first, I know, but it somehow smells a little bit like citrus fruits, which is kind of cool.

The Hemp Vitamin cream for the face is my fave to apply when I just want my face to have that natural glow. In addition to it havig pink on the packaging, it is kind of girly, for it has rose petals, geranium flowers, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and Q10.

I find the packaging of all the Hemptouch products charming. I’ve always been more for on the minimalistic side and I like that they didn’t complicate things. As I already said, these are not really cheap products, but I believe these really are worth investing in. Also, 100% vegan for all you vegans out there.

I feel like this is the longest article yet (which means I work really hard to have nice skin, for all you people that have on more that one ocasion said “You have such perfect skin, how do you do it?).

Now these next two products I use only once or twice a week.

I’ve only gotten this Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask for Normal to Oily skin recently, but so far I’ve been really enjoying what it has to offer. I basically apply it every Friday or Saturday evening, leave it on to dry for about 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water and a wet cloth. I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to go into details with this, as you have all the information needed on the pictures below.

My skin isn’t that problematic anymore, but I can for sure tell you that it does wonders with really problematic skin as well. I’ve seen the results on my little sister, who just hit puberty, so you know… alllll the hormones and sh*t. What I think is great about this is that you can see some results right after taking it off.


And finally, last but not least, the Balea 3 in 1 Cleaning Peeling Mask. This is my weekend treatement. It’s the reasons I look forward to getting into the shower in the evening and morning. It just leaves my skin feeling so fresh and renewed and I’m absolutely in love with it. If I’m washing my hair, I apply this all over my face before washing my hair and then I wash it of as I wash off the shampoo. If I’m just taking a regular shower, I apply this and really rubb in into my skin and wash it off right after. This is available in so many shops and it is really cheap, so I would definitely recommend this to everyone, skin problems or not.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any recommendations or requests on what products to try in the future, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.


Have a lovely day,

yours truly.

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